Sophia D. Lee

photography – fine art – design


On a rock in MaineSophia D. Lee has been exploring the art of photography for the past nineteen years.  Her interest in photography began in high school in western Mass., where she studied with local Berkshire photographer Michael Flower.  She never imagined that she would become an artist, but was unable to deny that urge in college, and continued by studying painting, printmaking, and photography with a B.A. in Studio Art (and a French Cultural Studies double major) from Wellesley College.  Although Sophia does not wish to limit herself to one medium and loves all forms of creative activity, especially those that involve working with her hands, she always comes back to photography because of its immediacy.  She enjoys making use of existing light and capturing the world as it appears around her.  Her images are not limited to one genre, and she has traveled in this country and abroad in Europe and Asia, making images in a broad array of categories.  Sophia currently teaches traditional and digital photography, drawing, and painting at Miss Hall’s School, and lives in Pittsfield, MA.


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